HeipiChaio Thermo Chill: Double Insulated Shipping Box for Frozen Food and Mailing


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【Optimal Freshness and Protection】- Our insulated shipping boxes and liners are specifically designed to prevent heat transfer and maintain the freshness of your products. The aluminum foil and high-quality insulation materials create a reliable barrier against temperature fluctuations, protecting your goods from spoilage.

【Convenient Insulation Tape】- Additionally, each package includes a corresponding quantity of insulation tape. This high-quality foil tape ensures secure sealing of the shipping boxes, further enhancing their thermal insulation properties.

【Wide Application】- Our insulated shipping solution is suitable for various products, including perishable foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive items. Whether you’re shipping frozen goods, fresh produce, or temperature-controlled medications, our insulated shipping boxes and liners in different sizes provide the versatility you need.

【Convenience and Cost-Effectiveness】- Our insulated shipping boxes and liners are designed for convenience and cost-effectiveness. They are reusable and can be easily assembled for use. By choosing our insulated shipping solution, you can reduce transportation and storage costs while ensuring the safe delivery of your products.


2 Sets-10.2"X6.5"X6.5", 2 Sets-16.9"X8.5"X10.8", 4 Sets-16.9"X8.5"X10.8", 4 Sets-9.8"X8.1"X7.3"


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